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Seago liferafts are highly regarded in the maritime safety industry as high quality and affordable. All liferafts are have butyl rubber tubes making them extremely durable and robust. The canopy is made from a rip-stop Nylon offering protection from the elements and preventing fabric cracking from long periods of being folded.

All Seago liferafts are either SOLAS approved or ISO approved and can be used in all commercial, leisure or racing situations.

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The liferaft below is the Sea Master ISO 9650-1 Liferaft, full product details can be found HERE
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Rain water collection system. Rain water is gathered from a pocket on the outside of the canopy that runs into the pouch.
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Inflatable boarding ramp for easy access from the water
Seago yachting offers a comprehensive range of lifejackets designed to the highest quality to meet all the leisure sailors’ requirements.
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