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Frequently asked questions
Can't find my serial number on my lifejacket

The serial number on a lifejacket manufactured before 2015 is located inside the lifejacket. Open the jacket up on the side of the activation mechanism. You will see a sewn in label that will have the date of manufacture and serial number printed on the back.For Active and 3Dynamic lifejackets at the rear of the lifejacket a small pouch can be located, the pouch is discrete. In this pouch you will find some labelling which will have the manufacture date and serial number.The serial numbers can also be found on the packaging the lifejackets come in.

My automatic lifejacket has activated accidentally

An automatic lifejacket can go off accidentally, this is caused by the activator cartridge getting wet or moist.

Can't find the launching label sticker in my liferaft

This has now been replaced with the A3 laminated sheet.

How does my lifejacket light work

Your Seago lifejacket light has a lead attached to it. On the lead are 2 contacts which will activate the light when they get wet. This can be tested by wetting your finger and touching the contacts. The light will start to flash, the button on the light enables the different modes and allows you to switch off the light.

How often should I service my lifejacket

You should check your lifejacket every-time you go sailing ensuring and ensure there is no wear, that your activator cartridge is in date, the cylinder is is not pierced and screwed in tightly.You should have your lifejacket serviced by an authorised agent annually.

How often should I service my liferaft

Seago liferafts have a 3 year service interval which starts from the date or purchase. If you are using your liferaft commercially you would need to check with the governing body as to how often you will need to have the raft checked.

How should I package my liferaft for service

If you require Seago to collect a liferaft to be serviced you will need to have it packaged ready for transit. We recommend using bubble wrap and a strong plastic bag around it (a rubble sack). We ask if you can include your full details with the liferaft. Seago will send in the carrier who will provide the transit labels.

How do I clean my lifejacket

Only clean your lifejacket with fresh water do not use detergents.If your lifejacket is an automatic model (not hydrostatic) you should remove the gas cylinder then remove the automatic cartridge or salt tablet.Once removed you are free to rinse the lifejacket down with fresh water. Once the lifejacket is completely dry you can replace the automatic cartridge or salt tablet followed by the cylinder.