The SB3 inflatable danbuoy  is the newest version of our inflatable danbuoy range with a super stable design that ensures even in the strongest winds and roughest sea it will always return to its upright position. The new design uses a ball like base to achieve its stability. The SB3 has an automatic activation meaning when the SB3 is thrown into the water it will inflate. The storage unit that the SB3 comes with is watertight to stop accidental activation.

Rearm using Seago 60g Auto rearming kit – KIT 11

  • Neat compact container
  • Robust stainless steel fittings
  • Burst hinge protects container and SB3
  • Automatic light
  • Automatic inflation
  • weighted ball base
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple to maintain
  • Reusable

Container size (mm): H300 x W250 x D130

Colour: Neon yellow

Materials: Nylon TPU

Inflation Method: Automatic on contact with water

Special features: automatic light, danbuoy, oral top-up tube, Rail mountable waterproof storage container, rapid deployment setup, sea drogue

Sizes: Danbuoy is 2m from top of lifebuoy when inflated

Packed dimensions: Container size: 12.5cm x 23cm x 30cm

Lights: Automatic multi-flash LED

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How to inflate a Seago liferaft
How to right a Seago liferaft
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